Creative, customized, and strategic plans for reliable execution of your unique projects.

TriCon’s custom project solutions consist of many different services to support your business. Working within clients’ budgets, we assist with seasonal or year-round production, packaging, inspections, and order fulfillment services.

What We Do

Quality Control Inspection

TriCon’s quality assurance specialists identify non-conformities before the completion of consignments, eliminating costly and time-consuming inspection at the customer end.

Display Construction

TriCon builds displays, prepares them for shipping, and coordinates with clients and retail stores to get them to the right place at the right time.

Product Assembly and Testing

TriCon assembles and tests clients’ products in our facility, streamlining the time it takes from production assembly to your customers’ hands. Our team ensures quality and compliance with local standards.


TriCon packages products correctly for secure delivery. Services include shrink wrapping, stretch wrapping, bag sealing, package/case sealing, gift wrapping, and more. We also manage compliant labeling processes.

Return To Vendor (RTV) Programs

TriCon supported one client by inspecting more than 20,000 lawn mower covers and providing daily reports for visibility. These reports detailed specific issues such as tears, zipper failures, and stains on covers, enabling our client to return the damaged products to its overseas vendor.

Data Solutions

TriCon schedules custom reports to keep clients on top of all activity related to their projects (e.g., daily reports reflecting the number of displays built that day). Warehouse activity is managed within TriCon’s WMS and is visible within our secure web portal, ReCon.